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helps you in providing service, adaptation and maintaining the clienteles.


As a top call centre dealing since 20 years with UK and US call centre business, JC Call Centre has the profundity of experience of offering the wide-ranging options, each one is designed for adding the real time value towards your business’s service offering, which includes:

Adaptive, Conclusive and Rapidly Organised

JC Call Centre uses an endeavoured and verified combination of swiftness and exactness and we can respond to mid-brief and cut-off date modifies rapidly and effectively. Our smooth controlling structure permits us to make firm conclusions and we can assemble our representative teams with comfort.

Best Team of Call Centre Agents

Our team of representatives are highly motivated and love to work for us and for you that is why we have a low wear and tear rate. We would never prefer to employ the staff who do a half job and leave the customer wondering why they utilise your service and nor would we. Every time they will deliver for you the exacting standards as we train them.

No ‘off-the-rack’ Packages Here

JC Call Centre service offering is counselling and co-operative. We won’t foist you off with a pre-delivered operation. We’ll talk, listen, understand the brief from you, make applicable and proper commendations and formulate the apparatuses you requisite for an efficacious operation. We will then provide on our assurances.


The team of our customer service representative is very dedicated, efficient and hardworking. They know how to deal with the customers; the team is very helpful, supportive and friendly.


As all the members of customer services are friendly, supportive and polite. They are dedicated to their work and never let any of the customer’s expectation down. When it comes to guide or help then our customer service representative is always attentive.


Our team of customer service representatives are highly experienced and professional. Each and every member of our customer services is expert in dealing, as well as guiding people, if they having any issue.

Outsourced Call Centre Services

Depending on the clients’ requirements, JC Call Centre’s live inbound/outbound call handling centre services can be provided in two specific ways i.e. a shared desk (bureau) or dedicated team (deployed solely) for handling the clients interaction for a single client. We can offer you a mixture of both the Bureau and dedicated services for the complete flexibility and a fluid approach of your needs.



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Work with you for growing your business by generating the leads, increase your sales, grows awareness and delivers the customer service that your customer can depend on.

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Reduction in your capital outlay on equipment, technology, space and utilities and in staff needs and costs along with increasing the profits with a flexible approach


24/7 availability to your customers, in comeback to today’s adaptive standard of living

About us

Call Centre Services for Forward-looking Businesses

The vision of JC Call Centre’s founders was deceivingly simple. They required to grow a mid-size 100 seat call centre perfect, close to major countries, especially in UK & US. Each centre of JC Call Centre Service, offering the comprehensive and tailored call centre solutions which includes inbound/outbound call handling, sector-specific services and telemarketing. As the outcome of this, JC Call Centre would add the value to all the types of businesses through providing the opportunity of real increment in sales, profitability and productivity which allows ROI to be measured in real times.

JC Call Centre Service Work for YOU

Through the process the whole way. Our approach is both advice-giving and co-operative. JC Call Centre Service will recognise your brief, make the most suitable commendations to you for providing the best way of achieving the specific goals and then we provide on our promises of giving you a positive and lasting outcome on your investment.




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